Traditional ballet class introduces students to basic ballet vocabulary while dancing to piano music.  Ballet shoes recommended.  Perfect for beginners or classical music lovers!



Was created for those who want to experience a new workout that is both challenging and fun!  It is perfect for anyone who wants to learn classical dance in a non-threatening environment.

​This aerobic style workout is a continuous flow of ballet movements all strategically choreographed to the hypnotic sounds of electronica.  Your experience will consist of a series of exercises at the barre and in the center followed by additional core and flexibility work.  

​This easy to follow class will improve your stamina, strength, posture, flexibility, balance and coordination as well as let you enjoy the freedom of expression through movement and love for dance!  This is not your typical barre workout or adult ballet class, it is so much more! 


 is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.
When regularly practiced, this program has had outstanding success. The use of muscle memory greatly improves students' understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment. It can be difficult for students to feel which muscles initiate the correct alignment in ballet training. However, with the use of a fit ball continually mobile under their bodies, the students gain a sense of posture and weight-placement whilst feeling each correct muscle group.

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